Do you think tattoo is medical issue and need to be doctor?

Since Health Ministry issued a notification that said doctor’s license required for permanent makeup, many of us were arrested without customer’s problem. And many of us lost our job. Notification is informative matter between administrations and non-legal binding. But it work like a law now. When you want to buy permanent makeup tools, you have to show your doctor’s license. Some doctors and nurses start to call common permanent makeup as “medical permanent makeup” but sadly many of them do not have enough knowledge of makeup.

We had tattoo trial last September 27th.
The chief justice of Osaka local court, Mr.Takaaki Nagase delivered the verdict.Result was same as notification. “Tattoo is medical issue.Doctor’s license required.”

We need more people know what happen in Japan. Also we would like to have many opinions from oversea especially permanent makeup artists and doctors. So
1. Please let us know your opinion about “doctor’s license required for PMU.” , “Only clinic and hospital can offer PMU.” and “ doctor’s license must be shown for purchase PMU tools.”
2. If you know another PMU artist and doctors who can give us their comments about it, please introduce us. We will try to contact them.
3. Let people know what happen to artists in Japan with many way like SNS.



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